Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cyprus Etsy Mentor Month / September 2013

Cyprus Etsy Street Team was chosen to participate to Etsy Mentor month!!!
Mentor month is an intense month for Teams to work on their shops. The Team Captains and Leaders partner up their members as Mentors and Mentees, and then each pair works closely together to improve their Etsy shops over four weeks. 

Here are the Cypriot Etsy shops that participate to this program: 

1. Painting by elisavetasivas
2. Sandals by MyMarmade
3. Ring by MeropisArtJewelry
4. Bag by stellachili

1. Cups by ArtPleasures
2. Art print by PrintsByStellaChili
3. Party bag by Pizeli
4. New born basket by handmadebykika

1. Necklace by Fakouraki
2. Hair pins by ganbayo
3. Earrings by LENALIX
4. Art print by WeenyBee

1. Sandals by LoveFromCyprus
2. Photography by PhotographyGalore
3. Dress by TeesOnTrees
4. Earrings by aktina

1. Lampshade by weavinghands
2. Necklace by AllGlassandCrafts
3. Necklace by littleloveprints
4. Rings by IoannouS

1. Necklace by LavenderField
2. Scarf by aureliaslittleroom
3. Earrings by TamaraCyprus
4. Ring by PisceanDreams

1. Painting by JoysArtwork
2. Earrings by letemendia
3. Bracelets by betsyarts


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